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If you are in the early stages of starting up a float centre, you are in luck! We have collected the best free resources and listed the links below. There are thousands of blog posts, research studies, hours upon hours of podcasts, years of videos from the Float Conference, consulting offerings and so much more! Cancel your plans, you're going to be busy for a while. 


After you've devoured all that the open source internet has to offer, and developed a working knowledge of float tanks, send a request to join our Facebook group. 


Resources for starting a float centre

Our goal is to help others start, run, & refine their own float centers. A place to share what we have learned, to help educate and raise the quality of float centers. We wish to be a guide and companion to have alongside you during all of your successes and failures; providing encouragement and guidance when you need it most, even at three in the morning when everyone else is asleep and you’re covered in salt.

Podcast, consulting, round-table discussions


Visit for a list of all peer reviewed published studies involving floatation therapy.