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The Float Collective is a not for profit organization

connecting new and existing float centres

It's also a Facebook group

If you are in the early stages of starting up a float centre, you are in luck! We have collected the best free resources and listed the links below. There are thousands of blog posts, research studies, hours upon hours of podcasts, years of videos from the Float Conference, consulting offerings and so much more! Cancel your plans, you're going to be busy for a while. 


After you've devoured all that the open source internet has to offer, and developed a working knowledge of float tanks, send a request to join our Facebook group


Resources for starting a float centre


Art of the Float Podcast & More

Where Float Centers Thrive!
Art of the Float is a podcast for float center owners. They also offer a monthly float photography subscription.  


Clinical Floatation

The official site dedicated to the medical use of clinical floatation therapy.


Published peer reviewed papers, presentations and news  related to Clinical Floatation to assist researchers and clinicians in all disciplines


Float Nation

With decades of promising research, why is floating so unknown and underutilized? The result of a trip across the United States, Float Nation explores the resurging trend of floating, its many uses, and the reason for its disappearance.


WeFloat Forum

Before Facebook and the Float Collective there was Perhaps not as up to date as other resources, but great learning to be had. 


Daily Solutions Podcast

Join Graham and Ashkahn as they answer your questions on starting, running, and growing your floatation business.


Rise Float Gathering

Rise is a gathering of float industry professionals and enthusiasts to connect, discover and refresh.


Float Tank Solutions

We provide resources that help to fuel the floatation industry. We started Float Tank Solutions in 2012 to help people start and run their float centers. Since then, through our blog, our trainings, and our consulting, we’ve helped hundreds of centers to start, run, and grow their float tank centers.


Buy Sell Trade

Float tanks for sale! Used float tanks, new float tanks, DIY float tanks, float tank accessories, and even float centers! It is now easier than ever to find a great deal on float tanks for your home or business!


Floatation Tank Association 

We establish standards and best practices that assure a safe, consistent and effective experience for the floating public and guide the floating community toward a bright and prosperous future.


Float Conference

Join us as the world’s leading experts on float tanks gather for the Float Conference, the world’s largest float event


Soundproof Cow

This company is dedicated to all things soundproofing. Visit their site for valuable soundproofing tips and resources. 


Float Tank DIY

A place to discuss building your own float tank and everything floating related.


to Join!

The Float Collective is designed for the following individuals:

  • Float tank and/or centre owners,

  • Float tank and/or centre operators, 

  • Float tank manufacturers and float related businesses (sleazy sales pitches not welcome)

  • Up and coming Floatrepeneurs 


When you request to join the group you will be asked questions about your background and interest in the Float Collective. If you don't match the above criteria, we're sorry, but these aren't the droids you're looking for. 

For general float enthusiasm, we recommend: The Floating CommunityFloatLove and The Float Tank pages. 

This is a platform for sharing information and asking questions about the operation and facilitation of float tanks/centers.  The intention is for only owners, managers and staff - or those in the process of becoming owners, managers or staff - of a float center to participate.  It is not intended to be a general public interest group about floating.  In sticking with this intention, we can keep the conversations focused on the float center operations and not on public inquiry about floating in general. Be sure to utilize the search function within the page as many topics have already been discussed at length.


Thanks, and stay salty!


- Float Collective

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About Us

Who's sneaking behind the scenes?

We're all float center owners - who understand what it's like!

Current Board Members

Jules Turner, President

Float Collective member since Nov 2016

Brad Dauk, Vice President

Float Collective member since November 2016

Co-owner @ Float.Calm

Laura Foster, Secretary

Float Collective member since October 2017

Owner @ Floating Therapy

Janette Fessenden, Treasurer

​Float Collective member since September 2019

Owner @ Bliss Float Centre

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