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The FTA Wants to Hear From You!

The Float Tank Association (FTA) has a long history within the float industry, having first organized in 1980. The FTA’s mission is to raise awareness, promote standards, sponsor research, and promote community. Their newly elected board of float veterans, researchers, manufacturers, float centre owners, and advisory board want to address some of the short comings of the FTA’s past and move into a productive and collaborative future.

At this year’s Float Conference the FTA hosted a roundtable discussion ‘Shaping the Future of Floating’ with the primary focus on the CMAHC proposed changes and what to do about it. You can listen to the full audio from that workshop on the Art of the Float Podcast #100. In the workshop members and potential members alike voiced their concerns and demanded transparency of board decisions and financials, a clear voice from the FTA, and a way to make their voices heard.

After the Float Conference the FTA released a Newsletter detailing their action plans and priorities moving forward. They’ve included a survey in their newsletter to help gain input from the float community.

The Float Collective has hosted a workshop at the last two Float Conferences; called the ‘Soul of the Industry’. You can hear the full audio from this years workshop in two parts on the Art of the Float episodes #95 and #96, and a written summary here. We have heard the industry’s desire to have an association that represents the float industry as a whole. An association that can offer a seal of approval to provide patrons with piece of mind that the centre adheres to the highest protocol and sanitation standards. For two years we've heard the industry wants a group of individuals working in the background keeping an eye on health regulations and research while we’re busy running our centres.

The FTA wants to be that person for you. In order to give the FTA the tools to adequately, and accurately represent you, they need to hear from you. Tell them what you want from your FTA! Please complete the survey, and if you have any further input email them at If you want to get involved with the FTA they are looking for people to help spread their message and advance their agenda. If you are interested, please reach out to them and let them know what your special skills are, and how you would like to help.

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